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أصدرت ادارة وسائل الاعلام بوزارة شؤون الاعلام قرارًا بإيقاف استيراد أجهزة استقبال قنوات بي إن الرياضية
اتساقاً مع القرار السياسي لمملكة البحرين، والموقف الخليجي والعربي الدولي والإجراءات المتخذة بناء عليه تجاه دولة قطر
بنا / أعلنت وزارة شؤون الإعلام مصادرتها لعدد من الكتب لاحتوائها على مغالطات تاريخية في مضمونها، خاصة فيما يتعلق بأنساب بعض القبائل العربية. وأوضحت إدارة وسائل الإعلام بالوزارة أن مصادرة هذه الكتب المخالفة يأتي في إطار حرص الوزارة الدائم على منع تداول أي مطبوعات أو إصدارات من شأنها العبث بالتاريخ.

تواصل معنا

التأشيرة الاعلامية

The Kingdom of Bahrain welcomes international media and hopes to provide an enjoyable and reliable service for all journalists travelling to Bahrain for work purposes through the Ministry of Information Affairs.

In line with many countries, there is a requirement for international media to register for a media visa ahead of their visit and provide a list of all the technical equipment that will be brought in to the country in order to clear customs. International media includes journalists, reporters and accompanying crew members, all of whom should contact the Media Follow-Up Directorate – General Directorate of External Communication at the Ministry Information Affairs to ensure smooth entry to the country and gain best access, where possible, to relevant spokespeople to whom they wish to speak.

In case of any technical issues or difficulties, please contact the Media Follow-Up Directorate on or call us on +973 17872592.

Important Notice Regarding Media (Video & Camera) Equipment:

All media personnel are required to present a detailed list of their equipment (this includes the names, serial numbers, and quantity and estimated value) to the Media Follow-Up Directorate prior to their visit to the Kingdom of Bahrain in order to ensure that they're processed through Customs. The owner or carrier of the equipment is expected to pay a Customs Tax upon arrival (5% of the total estimated value of the equipment). Owners will only be refunded this amount following an inspection of equipment by Customs upon their departure, as a confirmation that all equipment brought in has exited the Kingdom.

Personal Data
Passport Copy
Personal Photo
Contact Details
Office Number
Flight Details
Media Organization
Media Accreditation
Equipment Request
You can download equipment form here and upload it.
Invitation Letter
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