Bahrain denounces Qatari attempts to defame Saudi Arabia’s reputation

Bahrain denounces Qatari attempts to defame Saudi Arabia’s reputation

Information Affairs Ministry announced full support
for the Saudi Media Ministry’s statement that confirms a categorical rejection
of Qatar’s irresponsible and false allegations of the signal piracy made by the
so‑called ” beoutQ”, which mix up the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with beoutQ.

The Information Ministry reiterated Bahrain’s rejection of signal piracy or
illegal broadcasting which is in violation of laws and regulations of states. It
commended the Saudi steps to combat piracy and protect intellectual
property rights.

The ministry denounced accusing the Riyadh‑based Arabsat without a proof,
affirming that the Arabsat is not subject to the Saudi government
administration, but it is a semigovernmental body owned by the Arab League

The ministry rejected the allegation of political intention connected to the
anti‑terror Arab quartet‑Qatar dispute.

The ministry asserts its understanding of reasons behind the Saudi ban on
the beIN Sport, a subsidiary of Al Jazeera Media Network, for the
materialized involvement of the Qatari channels in relation to supporting

terrorism and extremism, as well as promoting the discourse of sedition,
hatred and extremism in the region.

The ministry expressed condemnation of the propaganda campaign against
Saudi Arabia and the deviation of the beIN Sport from its discourse during
broadcasting the 2018 World Cup finals with the aim of defaming Saudi
Arabia’s reputation and other Arab countries.

The ministry called for reviewing the legal status of beIN Sport channels in all
countries in light of the latest developments represented by involving Qatari
sport channels in politics repeatedly during the 2018 World Cup finals,
stressing backing the Saudi measures taken in this regard.

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