The strategy is set for the period from 2013 to 2018.


Setting media policies for the Kingdom of Bahrain and regulating the sector of media and communication in order to reach a media scene that is professional and credible, and helps raising awareness amid the public opinion, as well as found a developed democratic society.



Enhance the Bahraini media scene all while promoting the notions of national unity, democracy, continuous reform, justice and equality, in coherence with the values of the Bahraini society, and the aspirations of the people.



  • The absence a law for media and communication in line with the evolution of the profession and the technical and technological developments.
  • The absence of standards and ethics governing the media and communication sector, and the absence of the concept of institutional work within both formal and informal media institutions.
  • The lack of training and habilitation of media cadres.
  • The weakness of the local media works.
  • The weakness of international media partnerships and relations.
  • The occurrence of interference or technical error that stops the broadcast and/or results in the damage of stored digital data.
  • The necessity of enhancing the infrastructure and building new facilities.
  • The presence of hostile media campaigns that practices distortion.
  • The absence of a unified governmental message to the media, as well as the absence of media coordination between ministries and government institutions.
  • The lack of investment in media and communications sector.


Strategic Goals

1. First Strategic Goal:
Global rehabilitation and development of the media and communication sector, aiming the promotion of national unity, reform, safety and stability, as well as spread the spirit of tolerance and harmony, in addition to raising awareness and knowledge in the society.

2. Second Strategic Goal:
Outlining the reform project and the governments achievements and efficiency, as well as the process of sustainable development, to the public opinion locally and internationally, by developing communication channels between different governmental bodies and media and communication outlets, inside and outside of the kingdom.

3. Third Strategic Goal:
Creating a value added media and communication field in the investment sector which will be an element of the diversification of national income as well as an element in the diversified national economy and an Arabic and Regional hub.