Information minister praises security authorities

Information minister praises security authorities

Information Affairs Minister, Ali bin Mohammed
Al‑Romaihi, lauded the security authorities for their discipline and dedication
while carrying out their patriotic duties of maintaining security, stability and
public order, securing property and protecting rights, public freedoms and
human dignity of the citizens and residents within the rule of the law and
commitment to professional and ethical rules, as well as the international
human rights standards.

The minister made the statements while receiving retired Colonel Nasser
Bakhit Sa’ad, who presented him with a copy of his book on “Discipline and
Code of Conduct of the Public Security Forces”.

Al‑Romaihi appreciated the publication’s focus on the ethical and professional
values and rules of policing, noting that it is value added for the Arab security
sciences library, and reflects the outstanding experience of the author in
managing and developing the General Directorate of Reformation and
Rehabilitation at the Interior Ministry.

Nasser Bakhit expressed sincere thanks and appreciation to the Information
Minister for the meeting.

He also commended the minister’s efforts to improve the media message and
consolidate its role as a partner in protecting the security of the nation, raising
the awareness of society and the citizens on the duties and responsibilities
carried out by the security authorities in partnership with society to assert
allegiance to the nation and its leadership, safeguard the kingdom’s
development achievements and denouncing extremism, violence and

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