Information Ministry committed to projecting Bahrain’s real image

Information Ministry committed to projecting Bahrain’s real image

Information Affairs Minister, Ali bin Mohammed
Al‑Romaihi, has renewed the Ministry’s keenness on developing the strategy
of its performance, especially given that the fact that it is entrusted with
projecting the real and official image of the events that take place in the
Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Information Affairs Ministry will spare no effort in order to convey the
kingdom’s honourable image as a safe country that attracts investments and
business, as well as to rectify the misconceptions promoted by tendentious
sides, he said while responding to questions made members of the Council of

While thanking MPs for their inquiries and questions that reflect their great
keenness on the top interests of the kingdom, just like the Ministry of
Information Affairs, the minister welcomed presenting the media strategy
which, he said, aims to project the real image of the country, and counter
hostile media outlets seeking to undermine Bahrain’s security and stability.

Responding to a question by MP Jamal Bu Hassan on the National

Communication Centre (NCC), Al‑Romaihi asserted that after the issuance of
a decree establishing NCC, which will play a key role in developing the
kingdom’s media polices abroad and at international gatherings, the action
plan and media strategy are ready and clear.

NCC will include five directorates, namely the Directorate of Strategic
Planning, which is responsible for developing media strategies, the
Directorate of Monitoring and Analysis, the Directorate of the Media Office
and the Directorate of Communication and Media Relations, which is in
charge of building relations with media sides outside Bahrain, he told MPs.

The minister expressed categorical rejection of the attempts made by some
parties to make Bahraini media outlets project a negative image of Bahrain
through using any incident in a village to say that the situation in the country
is unstable.

“The Kingdom of Bahrain enjoys security, safety and stability, and these are
the essential prerequisites for strengthening the robust base for attracting
investments and business. This reality cannot be denied, and the proof is the
steady increase in the number of demands by companies and business
owners to obtain investment opportunities in Bahrain,” Al‑Romaihi added.

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