Bahraini Police performance commended

Bahraini Police performance commended

Information Affairs Ali bin Mohammed Al Romaihi
has praised the tremendous efforts of the security agencies in spreading
security and stability, citing their honorable sacrifices to ensure citizens and
residents safety, protect their rights and safeguard the continuous
developmental accomplishments in the prosperous era of His Majesty King
Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.

The minister congratulated Interior Minister Lt‑General Shaikh Rashid bin
Abdullah Al Khalifa and all ministry affiliates on the Bahraini Police Day
annually celebrated on December 14 as part of the Kingdom’s glorious
National Day celebrations which mirrors the pride of all the Bahraini people in
the nation’s heroes for their sincere honest performance of their
sanctimonious duty towards the nation.

Al Romaihi praised the policemen’s shouldering their national responsibilities
with maximum degrees of punctuality, transparency, honesty and sincerity in
accordance with the Principles of Policing Code, in partnership with the
Ombudsman Office, the Commission for the Rights of Prisoners and

Detainees and the Judiciary Authority, attaining top readiness, qualification,
training efficiency levels to achieve the balance between the duties of
maintaining security and stability and the essential respecting of human rights
and freedoms.

The minister commended all Bahraini Police units for their disciplined and
standards’ compliant maintaining of law and order, ensuring the general
safety of all citizens, residents and visitors, the Civil Defence’s services,
maintaining economic and cyber security, combating irregularities and crime
of all forms, consolidating the security, safety and rights of the community to
live in peace and serenity as the loftiest of human rights accomplished in line
with His Majesty the King’s reforms.

The minister also commended the sacrifices and role of the security forces in
confronting acts of violence, sabotage and terrorism, tackling extremist
organizations, smugglers and infiltrators, thwarting many terrorist attacks
which killed 22 over the past six years and wounded more than 3500
including 90 permanently‑handicapped policemen.

The minister affirmed that the Bahraini Police Day is the day to acknowledge
and reward the sons of the nation who fell in the line of duty, hailing His
Majesty the King’s humanitarian gesture designating December 17 as
Commemoration Day in appreciation of their sacrifices in safeguarding the
nation, its security, progress and prosperity.

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