Minister lauds constructive Executive‑Legislature cooperation

Minister lauds constructive Executive‑Legislature cooperation

Information Affairs Minister, Ali bin Mohammed
Al‑Romaihi, has lauded the existing constructive cooperation between the
Executive and Legislature and its role in strengthening the pillars of the state
of law and institutions, supporting the democratic, development and media
march in the kingdom and serving the Government Action Plan during His
Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa’s prosperous era.

The minister made the statements while receiving here today the Second
Deputy Speaker of the Council of Representatives, Abdulhalim Murad, and
MPs Anas Ali Bu‑Hindi, Ali Yaqoob Al‑Moqla, Dr. Ali Isa Bu Farsan, Jamal
Dawood Salman, Mohsen Ali Al‑Bakri, Osama Abdulhameed Al‑Khaja and
Mohammed Yussef Al‑Maarifi.

MP Abdulhalim Murad lauded the great role played by the Information Affairs
Minister in developing the media, radio and television sector, hailing the
remarkable positive change in the media sector and the interest in national

The second deputy speaker affirmed parliamentary support to efforts to
enable national competencies to play their role in the media sector, noting

that the Council of Representatives has submitted many proposals that
benefit the media and support Bahraini competencies.

He expressed the pride of the legislative branch in the advanced level
reached by national media competencies, affirming the Representatives
Council’s readiness to provide the Information Affairs Ministry with the needed
funds within the limits of the next general state budget.

MPs highlighted the pivotal role played by the national media sector through
its news coverage, awareness‑raising role and radio and television
programmes that serve the nation and the citizens, preserve national unity
and cohesion, deepen belonging to the Gulf Cooperation Council )GCC) and
optimise the development, civilisational and democratic accomplishments
attained under HM King Hamad’s Reform Project.

Al‑Romaihi expressed thanks and appreciation to the second deputy speaker
and the other MPs for their visit, hailing their keenness on strengthening
cooperation with the Information Affairs Ministry, as well as their constant
support to national media competencies to develop the role of the media in
highlighting national achievements locally and at externally.

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