Information Minister receives veteran referee

Information Minister Dr. Ramzan bin Abdulla Alnoaimi today received former referee Jassim Mandi who presented a copy of his book titled “Jassim Bandi, Ambassador of Bahrain Refereeing”.

During the audience which was attended by media official Mohammed Lori, the minister praised the veteran referee’s contribution to sports in Bahrain and his presence in regional and international championships.

Dr. Alnoaimi stressed the importance of documenting landmark national sports achievements, which represent a source of inspiration for generations to come.

The minister commended the honourable sports career of the international referee Jassim Mandi and the media official Mohammed Lori, hailing their achievements which reflect Bahrain’s sports strides.

For their part, Mandi and Lori expressed thanks and gratitude to the Minister of Information, hailing his media support to Bahraini figures and talents, especially in the sports sector.

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