F1 race opportunity to project Bahrain’s real image

F1 race opportunity to project Bahrain’s real image

Information Affairs Minister, Ali bin Mohammed
Al‑Romaihi, said that the Ministry of Information Affairs has cooperated with
the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) and coordinated with the relevant
government sides to provide all the necessary technical and media services
that support more than 500 media figures representing various local and
international news agencies and media outlets in covering the Grand Prix
Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix and its accompanying events.

The minister asserted that since the inception of F1 races in Bahrain, the
kingdom has succeeded in projecting an honourable image on the
outstanding technical and organisational ability of its youth and national
competencies in hosting such a race which is considered an economic,
media and sporting event whose viewers and followers exceed 100 million.

In an interview with the “Fil Malaab” TV programme, presented by Mariam Bu
Kamel, Al‑Romaihi stressed that the world coverage of the event is an
opportunity to project the kingdom’s civilisational image, as well as its huge
potentials and purely national competencies represented in the professional
and skillful management of the Bahraini youth of the event, expressing thanks
and precipitation to the distinguished elite of Bahraini youth in charge of the

Bahrain Grand Prix.

Regarding the accompanying events and the allocation of a special area for
the public only in Bahrain Grand Prix, the minister that Bahrain’s F 1 race
aims to involve all social segments in the sporting event and meet their
needs, noting that the events held on the sidelines of this year’s race has
met the satisfaction of a wide range of visitors.

He asserted that those responsible for BIC have proved their professionalism
and accumulated experience in organising mega events, which, he said,
reflects Bahrain’s distinction in hosting F 1 races.

He explained that holding events in BIC throughout the year has helped
Bahraini youth to gain the needed experience in attracting and hosting events
in a way that appeals to fans of all kinds of races.

On the role played by the local press in covering the F 1 race, Al‑Romaihi
said that the coverage of such an event is common responsibility that should
be shouldered by all, lauding the distinguished coverage of Bahraini
newspapers of this year’s Bahrain Grand Prix.

The minister affirmed that everyone tried to assume their roles in order to
reflect the kingdom’s image and ability to host such a mega event, noting
that foreign journalists and reporters have had an opportunity to collect
first‑hand information about Bahrain. He said that many guests have voiced
their admiration for what they have seen in Bahrain, and lauded the
professionalism of Bahraini youth and the dedication of volunteers in
organising the race.

It is also an opportunity for social media specialists to attend the event and
increase the number of their followers, he said.

Al‑Romaihi also praised Bahrain TV’s outstanding coverage of this year’s
Grand Prix, and ability to reach out to viewers through their reports from BIC
or outside it, including the airport, commercial malls and accompanying
events, noting that TV channels and news agencies have started cooperating
with Bahrain TV in covering the competition. He expressed thanks and
appreciation to all Bahrain TV staff in studios or at BIC for their efforts to
provide a comprehensive coverage for viewers and project Bahrain’s real
image which, many parties, tried to distort.

On the role of investment in hosting the F 1 races, the minister said that
since the launch of the project, Bahrain has spared no effort to ensure its
success, and is ready to cooperate with investors to ensure its continuous

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