Youth empowerment, responsible freedoms basis of media progress

Youth empowerment, responsible freedoms basis of media progress

Information Affairs Minister Ali bin Mohammed Al
Romaihi stressed the empowerment of national youth talents and promoting
responsible press and media freedom are the ministry’s top priorities to
sustain the national media development on the basis of quality, objectivity,
credibility, competitiveness and keeping pace with the development

Al Romaihi, in an open meeting with median student attended by Dr. Riyadh
Hamza and a number of academics held at the University of Bahrain titled
(Media Opportunities and Challenges), expressed appreciation of the
creative Bahraini youth potential to develop media work.

The minister welcomed the youth’s initiatives and innovative projects in the
fields of radio, TV and digital media, noting the ministry’s keenness to
broadcast the outstanding contributions on TV and radio programmes.

He urged the students and graduates to get engaged in producing
motivational short films to promote national unity, good citizenship, rejecting

He said that media has become a giant global industry with a value of more
than $1.7 trillion, which is expected to top $2 trillion in 2019, in which the
digital media represents approximately half of that value.

He added these quantitative and qualitative media strides at the regional and
global levels and the operation of nearly 1300 Arab satellite channels and the
establishment of media, public relations and marketing departments provide
many opportunities for freshly graduated students. They also require the
national media colleges to update their curricula every six months, according
to international studies, to keep up with the fast developments taking place in
the media and communication sector.

He warned of the danger of using terms unfamiliar to our Arab and Muslim

He affirmed that freedoms of opinion and expression are guaranteed by the
constitution, noting the commitment of all radio and TV programmes to
responsible freedom, objectivity and credibility, preserving national unity, and
avoiding the provocation of religious, sectarian or ethnic hatred.

The minister, in reply to a number of queries and suggestion raised by the
students, stressed that government and private media and press institutions
welcome Bahraini youth to work for them, including 26 daily, weekly and
monthly journals and magazines, in addition to 1833 companies and
institutions specializing in technical production and providing information

He pointed out that many national media aptitudes have proven worthiness in
various media fields domestically and abroad. He called on the national youth
to improve their skills by getting engaged in training programmes.

He underlined the ministry’s commitment to its strategic plan on holding
training courses and specialized workshops in cooperation with national, Arab
and international media, academic and training institutions for preparing
skillful national cadres. He said the ministry has recently signed an
agreement with Tamkeen on the implantation of a training programme to
benefit 100 Bahraini graduates of both genders to be employed by the
Information Ministry and private media and art production companies.

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