Ministry hosts social media skills training course

Ministry hosts social media skills training course

The Ministry of Information Affairs has hosted a
training course in collaboration with the United Nations Information Centre
(UNIC) for Gulf countries.

Themed “The art, skills and techniques of social media networks on Twitter),
the two‑day lectures were hosted by Bahrain News Agency (BNA)’s Media
Skills Training Centre on November 20‑21.

The lectures were presented by Samir Mtair, the Director of UNIC, with the
participation of ministry affiliates. He expounded on the various types of
social media networks in the Arab world, their nature and features, methods
of blogging, and social impact.

The course was in line with the ministry’s keenness to develop professional
skills, boost the official media mission through training workshops aimed at
human resources development being at the core of the ministry’s strategy.

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