Media vocational training programme highlighted

Media vocational training programme highlighted

The Ministry of Information Affairs announced the
conclusion of the initial phase of theoretic training in the comprehensive
professional media training programme organized by the ministry in
partnership with Tamkeen.

100 alumni and students from national universities from the media and
communication disciplines participated and successfully passed the
specialized training on the “the art of leadership” in collaboration with Bahrain
Institute of Public Administration (BIPA).

The ministry expressed its gratitude and appreciation of Tamkeen’s services,
facilities and financial and technical support to this ambitious training
programme. The ministry also expressed its gratitude and appreciaton of
BIPA support to this skills training course aimed to prepare creative
leadership personalities qualified to efficiently, effectively and productively
contribute to the labour market in the public and private sectors.

The ministry affirmed its keenness on supporting this training programme
aimed to uplift technical and professional capabilities of Bahraini journalists to
qualify them to join the labour market.

The ministry affirmed the continuity of the Professional Media Training
Programme sessions over the upcoming nine months to prepare and quality
young national cadres in the media and communications sector and to
provide them with technical skills in the fields of production, photography,
montage, sound engineering, infographic design, TV shows compilation and
presentation and to provide trainees with the opportunity of hands‑on
practical training in Bahrain Television BTV in cooperation with national and
international expertise houses.

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