Information minister hails Bahrain’s F1 success story

Information minister hails Bahrain’s F1 success story

Information Affairs Minister Ali bin Mohammed
Al‑Romaihi hailed the success of the Formula 1 2018 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand
Prix. He lauded the global sporting event which, he said, sent a message of
peace and tolerance from the Kingdom of Bahrain to the world.

“The tourism, trade, investment, cultural and media gains represent an annual
success story and added value to the march of development, led by His
Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al‑Khalifa”, he said. He extended deepest
congratulations to HM the King, HRH the Premier and HRH the Crown
Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and First Deputy Premier as well as the
people of Bahrain on the successful organization of the Formula 1 races at
the Bahrain International Circuit, Home of the Motorsport in the Middle East.

He commended the strenuous efforts and far‑sighted vision of HRH the
Crown Prince, hailing Bahrain’s resounding success in organizing the third
biggest world championship for the 14th times since the Bahrain International
Circuit (BIC) was first launched in 2004.

He stressed the importance of the sporting event which strengthened the
cohesion of the Bahraini society, commending all institutions for their

dedicated support to the pioneering economic, civilizational and sporting
The minister commended the outstanding local media coverage of the
Formula 1 2018 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix at the BIC racetrack. He lauded
the cooperation between the Ministry of Information Affairs, the National
Communication Centre (NCC), the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC), the
ministries and government departments to provide all technical and media
facilities to enable regional and international reporters to cover the event.

He commended the young national media cadres and volunteers, hailing their
dedication in serving the national and fruitful cooperation over the past days.
“The success of the championship over 14 years is yet another vote of
confidence, acknowledging Bahrain’s standing and ability to host global mega
sporting events”, he said, haling Bahrain’s security, stability, economic and
social progress, modern infrastructure, especially in the sectors of media and
telecommunications. He saluted dedicated, loyal and creative young national
competences who contributed to consolidating Bahrain’s regional and
international standing in the prosperous era of HM the King.

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